Thursday, July 26, 2012

Atlanta Street Food Festival

We woke up Saturday morning and decided that we really didn't NEED anything from Market. 

My dad read about the Atlanta Street Food Festival in Piedmont Park being held that day so we decided to hit that up.


First things first. Had to snag a couple Sweetwater brew to get things started off right.

There were probably 10-15 food trucks with all types of cuisines.

Honeysuckle Southern Inspired Gelato was my definite favorite.

I decided on the Sea Salted Caramel Gelato.

It was amazing.

Sweet, light but creamy with a hint of salt.


I liked this food truck so much that I looked up their website to see if they had franchise options.

I really wanted to try the King of Pop's truck but the line was so long!!!

We ended our time at the festival with an impromptu parade by Baton Bob.

This dude/lady started blowing his/her whistle and let me tell you...

people got out of the way and cheered him/her on.

I respect anyone that commands that much attention!

Sally joined us for dinner that at Gladys Knight and Ron Winan's Chicken and Waffles.

They don't take reservations so we had about an hour long wait on the street in downtown Atlanta. 
It went by pretty quickly because we were so distracted by the insanely expensive cars driving buy.

We ended the night with a walk to Centennial Park to find the bricks my mom purchased us for the 1996 Olympics. She bought them way before the Olympics and this is the first time we ever actually looked for them. It was sweet and fun. My mom was thrilled!

Although we didn't make it to Market which was the point of this trip, I had the BEST time in Atlanta. 

Besides, there will always be more Markets.

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