Thursday, August 7, 2014

Operation: Keep Posey Cool

Posey is a "delicate little flower" as my Dad would say. A few weekends ago, my mom and I took P to the Persnickety Warehouse Sale in Madison, MS. Awesome shopping & great steals. We were outside the entire time we shopped. They had a couple large fans set up so I parked Posey in front of one thinking she would be fine. 

My poor girl was soaking wet by the time we were finished. I knew her face was getting a little pink but I couldn't see that the back of her head, neck, and back were drenched. Bad mama.

I immediately took her out of the stroller/car seat. We went in to Taylor Collection to shop and use their A/C.

Posey quickly cooled down and was as happy as a clam after that. Lesson learned. Cool baby = Happy baby. 

After that my mom became obsessed with keeping Posey cool and comfortable. She knows we are visiting them in Florida later this month. Got to have baby ready for her first beach trip!

My mom, being the online shopping queen that she is, found some awesome products to keep your little one nice and cool in these hot summer months.


I'm using the Geleeo in Posey's stroller. It's made of some awesome gel that doesn't need to be refrigerated. It just stays cool and you lay it in the stroller.

Comes in pink or blue. Super easy to clean. Just wipe it down.

Roccini Car and Stroller Cool Seat Liner

This is my fave. It's made of a breathable mesh. It creates a little air and space between your baby and their car seat or stroller.

It could not be easier to use. This one goes in Posey's car seat. I just laid it in there and we were good to go. 

Posey did a LARGE stain test on it...wink wink. It cleaned up SO easily!

Why I love these products:

-reasonably priced

-quick and convenient to use

-SO easy to clean

-SO worth the money if it means that my baby is comfy and happy

Hopefully these products will help my "delicate little flower" stay cool in this Mississippi heat.
Can't have my flower wilting. 

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