Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Girl Albriton

The original plan was to not find out the gender of the baby. Well, that was my plan and my husband, Cameron went along with it because he is sweet. When the time came for our "gender ultrasound" I knew that we would know our baby's gender by the end of that day. I had lost all of my willpower to wait. People telling me that I wouldn't make it really annoyed me so I still felt pressure from myself to stick with not finding out.

We had the ultrasound tech type the gender onto one of the sonogram pics and put it in an envelope. I was still being bitchy tough and told Cam "No, I am not opening it. I am going to wait!" I still knew that I was going to open that envelope ASAP but I was just trying to go with my original game plan. Cam asked if it was ok for him to open it. Of course, I said yes because I too was dying to know. Still trying to be tough about it, I asked him to try and not give me a reaction. Aren't I such an easy person to be married to?

He opened it before we even left the parking lot of our doctor's office.

He showed no emotion and had no reaction.


He got very quiet and focused. I asked him what he was thinking about. He said "life."

I immediately knew it was a girl! He would have said sports and fishing if it was a boy.

I took the envelope and opened it. I read the best word I have ever read.


Headed to our appointment

I will never forget screaming in excitement as we pulled onto Lakeland Drive. I literally screamed.

We facetimed my parents first. They were ecstatic and just besides themselves. The three of us definitely wanted a girl.

Cam swears that Mom cackled when we told her the baby was a girl.

Love it.

Drove to meet Cam's mom to tell her in person. So fun.

We called and text friends and family to share the awesome news.

Just pure excitement and giddiness from me.

Cam quickly started to worry about shopping and wedding funds. Smart man.

I would have been so happy to have a boy. Excited for the loop that would have thrown my family and that Cameron would have a son to share his love of sports and fishing with. Besides, everyone says boys love their mamas right?

But God knew I needed my girl and that's what he gave me.

My dream come true.

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