Tuesday, August 19, 2014

En Route to Amelia Island

And we're off! 

Checking in from the road...

We left around 4 this afternoon. It's 8:30 now. We've stopped three times. 

1st stop-Diaper change, bottle for P, and  dinner for Cam and me 

2nd stop-Dog potty break and diaper blowout 

3rd stop-Gas in car, Posey's bedtime bottle, dog potty break, Coke for me, and Redbull for Cam.

So far...
Premade bottles, extra outfits on hand, a changing station in the car, and Peppa the Pig on the iPad have all been very helpful. 

Hoping for smooth sailing for the rest of the drive. Pray for safe travels. 444 miles to go! So excited for our girl to see the beach and meet my family and friends! 


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