Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thanksgiving Decor


The name of this Thanksgiving's game is "Don't spend money on decor."


Fun theme. eh.

I have silver, not shiny silver, but silver chargers. 
I'm going to use my everyday china which is plain and cream with a monogrammed "A" on the salad plate.
I have linen napkins with a subtle silver and gold detail with gold tassel napkin rings.

My casual china is similar to this.

Here's the challenge :
I have nothing else "Thanksgiving-y" for my table.

So I started thinking about a rustic tablescape...

Pine cone place cards...Dipped in gold paint?

Cam's cousin has a FABULOUS yard and kindly lets me steal magnolia leaves and other beautiful plant things. Will def be taking advantage of that again this year. Thank you Chrysler!
I also heard that she has a pomegranate tree so maybe I will dry those out and incorporate some of those. 

Maybe add some pine cones and pears as well. 

I have pheasant feathers that I plan on using on our tree this year.
They could easily be added to the table.

Basically, I have A LOT of ideas and materials but have NO clue how to incorporate metalllics and rustic pieces...

SO we will just have to see how I end up decorating my table for Thanksgiving. 

Hopefully it is a "Southern Living-Martha Stewart-like-but-still-Susannah-Albriton dream holiday table."

aaaand if it's not, well the name sounds fabulous :)


As if I wasn't confused enough about how to steer my Thanksgiving tablescape and decor, I have this guy on my front door 

He does not go with my style or taste what-so-ever but I think he is just the CUTEST.

That turkey makes me smile every time I pull into my driveway.

It's corny and silly and I. love. it. 

Get your own Happy Turkey Day door hanger here.

Now I want this one...


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