Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mandana's Wedding

My unending love for Rachel Zoe is no secret but I have now fallen hard for Mandana.

Her look is dark, edgy and completely opposite of mine. 

She's the VP of RZ Inc. and she's so fabulous.

I recently stumbled across her wedding feature on WeddingStyleMagazine.com


"In May of 2009, Peter coaxed Mandana to hop a red-eye for a pilot taping. When he woke her at New York's The Plaza hotel with a gift—a vintage doll—she was overwhelmed. Afterwards a knock portended a startling surprise: Cheeto, who'd been left with a dogsitter, sporting a red bow. Mandana remembers "holding my puppy and my Barbie and freaking out" as she asked Peter, "Why are you kneeling?" She had no recollection they'd swapped embarrassing childhood tales the night they met, but he remembered her obsession: she insisted friends call her Mandarella and dreamed "a boy would propose with Cinderella doll in hand and give her a little dog."

Seriously? That isn't dreamy or anything at all!

Obviously I'm joking. 

Even her proposal was fabulous!

Here are a few pics from the feature.

Click here to visit the original article.

Her dress...........no words.

 A little more on RZ Inc. and Mandana

Mandana's twitter...
A Tour of RZ HQ...
Mandana's career & success...
and more wedding pics from what I think is Mandana's FB page

Happy Tuesday readers!!

I'm back to blogging now. Thanks for your patience!

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